#WTF: That one time ... at the Magic Castle ... with that pretty famous Rockstar

When I was 13, I entered a lip syncing contest at the local public library.

I took the stage and mouthed my little emo heart to every word of Madonna's lukewarm hit Frozen. 

I lost ... miserably ...  (should have gone with Human Nature or Erotica)

... but wondered in that moment what it would be like to actually be a rockstar. 

The spotlight ...

The crowds ... 


Yeah no. 

Yeah no. 

Thankfully, this fantasy was short lived, and replaced with the reality that it's WAY cooler to just be friends with a rockstar. 


The last week and some change has been mildly overwhelming, but unbelievably awesome.

I popped up on many o-radar screens after an appearance on CNBC's West Texas Investors Club ... 

... and heard from a lot of people I hadn't talked to in years (including middle school classmates)

Exhibit A (8th grade science partner)

Exhibit B (the boy who my 13 year old heart thought I was going to marry)

By the end of the week, exhausted from people overload, I put on my big girl pants and kept my commitment to attend my buddy's birthday bash. 

Featuring lots and lots of people ... 

On roller skates ... 

And jumping in not one but TWO bouncy houses. 

My OG LA GF Rosanne arrived at my place around 8, champs in hand. 

<tangent> Remember the party back in December, where the girl came up to me saying she was so happy that we didn't end up in that threesome because that same night she met her husband, and a month later they were married and now have two kids? That was Rosanne's birthday party. </tangent> 

Wow, she said looking at my buffet. 

<tangent> I kept everything from Talk Nerdy days. All the passes, business cards, guitar picks, beer cans - everything, and display them on my buffet, and walls. Because I don't have people over (really ever) I never thought about how weird it all must look, but to me, it makes me smile seeing where I've been, and also knowing that every time I walk out the door I am going to add more pieces to the collection.

 One day I'll say what each piece means, but for now, this belongs to me. :) </tangent> 

I've had a really weird week, I admitted popping the cork and pouring. 

OOHH, she said looking down at my Connecticut style fancy Waterford crystal. 

Cheers, I said smiling. 

"I didn't get a chance to see your show, but saw the press. Congratulations, btw! You've been famous for a while, but now you're like legit famous." 

I told her how surprised I was at all of the media outlets globally that picked up the release. 

"That's weird, right?" I said still trying to wrap my brain around being published in Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, and like every Business Journal in the US (totaling to 245 outlets with 89 million in global reach in less than 24 hours)

"I'm sure they googled you," she said. 

Still not entirely convinced, I grabbed to-go cups, ordered the uber, and headed downtown. 

"Are you sure the party is here?" asked the uber driver. 

Yes, I said remembering the previous year, and the remote location. 

<tangent> My buddy is the co-founder of Pollution Studios, and (per their website) Pollution is a full service stage and equipment rental facility, located just outside downtown LA. </tangent> 

As we stepped out of the car, and down the alley, we quickly saw groups of people and food trucks. 

Hi! I said embracing the birthday boy. 

"You just missed the vegan mafia," he said.

SHUCKS, I thought, wondering if that was a real thing. 

I quickly introduced Rosanne, and informed the BB we were off to do a lap (before committing to a location)

I then gave a tour of the massive property, as we grabbed drinks and began people watching. 

See, in LA being "hot" isn't just a have or have not scenario, there are varying classifications. 

First, you have your slash type.  

Not this kind of slash.&nbsp;

Not this kind of slash. 

The slash types are models/ actors / singers / bartenders / social media managers ... etc. When you ask them "what do you do?" they never have one answer - there's always a slash. 

Next, you have your caused based hotties. Caused based hotties, are not only hot, but also have (you guessed it) a cause. They're eco-friendly vegans that live in tiny houses, and "live off the land" ... the land of Silverlake. 

You can identify a CBH by comparing it to an Urban Outfitter's ad ... 

See what I mean?

Actual photos and video: 

Rosanne and I then quickly organized a game of flip cup (because of course there was a beer pong table), and after five or so games, hit the dance floor. 

I picked out a spot by the DJ booth, but in the corner. 

"I love to dance, but never with dudes, I said. I purposefully tuck myself in the corner and never make eye contact. It's this thing - I can't stand feeling a dude's boner while I'm actually trying to dance. In my 20s, I was totally flattered with a guy's dry humping ways, but now, in my 30s, I make boys buy me dinner before feeling any boners." 

<tangent> See Friel in her 20s below ... 

There's me with YouTube's SupRicky06 (we worked together at LiveVideo) and some random dude named Willy at the now closed, yet still ironic, Happy Endings. </tangent>

Sometime around Airborne Toxic Event's version of midnight, I grabbed an uber and hit the hay. 

The next morning, I woke up to a text from the birthday boy ... 

Of course he lives in Silverlake, and I had yet to tell him about my boner boundaries ... 

Birthday Boy arrived about an hour later, and we decided to walk to brunch. 

On the way over, he kept trying to hold my hand and or initiate some kind of bodily contact. 

Eyes like daggers, I carefully out maneuvered him. 

"You know what I like about you so much?" 

I shook my head no. 

"You look so sweet on the outside, but you're actually a highly trained assassin. I wouldn't fuck with you." 

I smiled. 

I'm the definition of INTJ on the Myers Briggs. I actually freaked out the first time I read that, because it all made sense. The approach to dating, the world ... le sigh. I'm a strategist, and architect in my heart. I view everything and everyone as a pawn, and if I respect you, I will move mountains.

See example below: 

If I don't respect you ... well ... 

Anywho, on Wednesday, I got hit up by my buddy (el rockstar-o) saying he was in town and wanted to hang out. 

<tangent> Between couch surfing, and dating half of Los Angeles - I've managed to meet and stay friends with some awesomely random people. I tremendously enjoy freaking out my co-workers with my contact list on a bi-weekly basis. 


At 5, I left work to head over to grab coffee with my buddy Kevin (whose podcast I was on with the Soup Nazi).  

I have to admit how sad I felt after that interview. 

He started laughing asking, why?

He is SUCH an iconic part of pop culture, and he seems upset about it. I'm such a huge fan of Seinfeld and I legit left feeling sorry for the guy. He has/had SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and energetically seems so closed off, and almost mad at his life. 

"That's what I respect about you," he said. "Every time I see you, you're very present, cool, and seem like you've got things all together. Which is hilarious because you're also all over the place." 

HA, I said laughing, I KNOW I don't have anything together, I'm "calculated cray." 

He smiled. 

Moments later the unmistakable sight of the pink corvette driven by the one and only Angelyne (aka the pink corvette lady) appeared

"That's SO CRAZY," Kevin said freaking out. "I was JUST talking about her yesterday wondering what she was up to. Of course I see her today, and with you of all people." 

"I have so much respect for her, I said. She's totally branded and marketed herself for decades. I've never seen her "out of character" which takes a next level of commitment." 

Totally, Kevin said. 

I smiled looking down at my phone realizing I had to leave to get ready. 

Remembering the Magic Castle had a strict dress code, I grabbed a super cute romper and heels (pairing it with my usual knee high socks)

<tangent> The Magic Castle is an invite only magicians haven. I went there once with the mentalist, and felt really sad. My friend recently compared magicians to strippers. "You know it's sad, but you want to just keep watching." </tangent> 

I grabbed an uber and headed over to the castle. En route, the driver made small talk asking if I have been watching the latest season of America's Got Talent. 

Just clips online, I said. 

<tangent> I didn't tell the driver, but I also meet some of the contestants with my business partners (Butch and Rooster) a few weeks back. (More on that later.)


I really like the mime Tape Face, and the clairvoyant couple. 

"I KNOW," he said super excited. "I've never seen anything like it." 

Me either, I said. They're the whole package, and going to have huge careers. 

A hop skip and a jump later, we arrived at the castle and I met up with my friend. 

You look amazing, he said as we hugged. 

Thank you, I said back. You managed to find a suit! 

Yeah, Hollywood suit outlet and I'm burning this when we're done. 

I laughed as we walked up to the doorman. 

Miss, he said checking my ID, you're wearing shorts. We have a strict dress code. 

I laughed looking down at my SERIOUSLY cute romper, and corrected him by saying it's one piece. It's not "shorts" per say. 

Don't worry, he said. We have plenty of skirts you can put on over. 

The Rockstar shot me a look wondering if we should go, and I said fuck it, cue adventure; I am going to have to own this. 

I then go into the back, and see a wall of skirts hanging. She picks out the smallest size (which was still about 10 sizes too big), as I offered to instead take a shawl and work it into a skirt.

"If you have a safety pin, I can make this work, I said." 

She came back with the pin as I laughed to the Rockstar at how ridiculous this looked. 

Do I need to give you my number or anything as collateral? 

We normally ask for IDs, but we trust you, she said. 

I then released the pin all knowing that in five minutes this thing was going to come off, and as I did the host corrected me. 

"If someone is caught not adhering to the dress code, we get fired," she admitted.

Done, I said giving her my word and honor. (I live for fucking WITH people, not fucking OVER people.) 

We then went over to the bar, and looked at the schedule of acts. 

I'm down for whatever, said the Rockstar. 

Me too, I said. Let's grab our first round and then check out the show in the main room at 8. 

Great, he said. 

As we waited in line we both couldn't help but people watch. 

"It's Wednesday, I said. This is normal to these people for a Wednesday."

"Nothing here is normal," he quickly replied laughing. 

As we neared the beginning of the line, I got stopped by my girlfriend Satine Phoenix. 

<tangent> I originally met Satine through my Fiesta Movement partner Sam Proof. (Raz from the Tim and Eric show)

They'd been friends for however long, and then over the years she and I would end up on the same podcasts and parties because we're both part of that whole "nerdy yet hot" (now) scene. 


I hadn't seen her in at least five years, so it totally caught me off guard. (Especially since I am currently writing this project and am loosely basing a character on her.) 

WOW, she said. You look amazing! 

Thank you, I said, SO DO YOU! (For realsies, she's a beau-tee.) 

As I went to introduce my friend, he went in to hug her saying he hadn't seen her in years. 

Remember that one party in Miami, he said. 

OMG, she said realizing they had met previously. 

I laughed at them both thinking/knowing that the world is so freaking small. 

We then took our seats in the auditorium as the acts started. 

The first two were okay, but when the intro to the third act was made - I FREAKED MY FUCKING FREAK. 


Watch this now. They're ABSOLUTELY captivating, and I've spent hours researching forums reading debates on how they do it. 

The Rockstar and audience's jaws collectively dropped as they performed.

Even with such a small group, and being LITERALLY right before my eyes, I still cannot tell you how they did it. They even guessed the (untold) birthdate of the guy sitting two chairs over. His wife admitted he wasn't "in on it," and they were both noticeably freaked out. 

This is so much fun, said the Rockstar as we walked back to the bar to get some food. 

"You're really rocking that outfit," he said as we sat down. 

Well, this is what life handed me, so I gotta make it work. 

I'm still shocked that the "powers that be" found this more acceptable than my romper.&nbsp;

I'm still shocked that the "powers that be" found this more acceptable than my romper. 

This is always my favorite part of the adventure, I thought as we ordered another round. Getting to shoot the shit with someone who is smart, successful, and I truly respect. 

I asked him about his transition from being so well known, to now a producer. 

"It's my job to have an opinion, he said. I'm producing the biggest group in the world right now (truly). They're talking to Justin Bieber to OPEN for them, he said as a frame of reference. I spend my days in the studio balancing out the personalities of the band, understanding that when I give criticism this person is going to respond in this way, so I have to present it like this instead of that."

"It's like chess," I said. 

"Exactly, he said. Exactly like chess, and it's my job to know how and when to move the pieces." 

I smiled realizing this is why we are friends. 

"If you could go back to the peak of your fame, what would you do differently?"

"I'd actually enjoy it and not stress out wondering always what was next, and how long this would last for," he said candidly.

I paused taking a moment to actually listen. 

"Thank you, I said (realizing how hard I am on myself at all times). I really needed to hear that."

"I always have fun with you, he said. Every time I'm in LA management wants me to go to this event, or that, but I end up having WAY more fun with you than anyone else." 

Cheers to that I said with a smile and a right back atcha! 

Sometime way past my bedtime on a school night, we wrapped up, as I physically unwrapped the shawl, handing it back to the hostess. 

I then called my uber as we stood outside.

Here, he said placing his jacket and tie around my body. 

It was a very Shana World Tour circa Teen Witch type of moment. 

I'll be back next month for this concert. I'd love it if you could be there. 

It took me about two seconds to respond ... 

And there you have it. That was my magical night at the castle with the Rockstar.

I still haven't decided what to do with the jacket. My impulse is to surprise one of his fans with it on Instagram (with his permission of course)

Up next, is the story about this past weekend and the party where the women were literally hanging from chandeliers. 

... I also spent the night with a Top Model, and then hitchhiked down the hill in a Mercedes SL in an attempt to get home. 

Hey, whatever it takes to get it done ... that's all I'm interested in.