#WTF: About this week, can I get a rundown? (Airstream-ing in the middle of a mountain in Malibu, & CBS TV show update)

I wrote this post with an intention of giving news on the CBS show, but what transpired in the last few hours changed all of that. 

It was like the time I was on the Price is Right with good ol' Bob Barker. 

This gif never gets old. 

This gif never gets old. 

When I played the first game, I had to guess the "actual retail price" of two of the four items that equaled this certain amount. 

I failed and while I shrugged my shoulders at the audience (admitting defeat but thinking THIS WAS THE COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER) Bob said "BUT JENNIFER ... you're playing IT TAKES TWO!!!" 

I not only won, but made it to the showcase showdown. 

My day today has been a deja vu of "IT TAKES TWO." 

I'm shocked. Still no promises, but this show is the little engine that could. 

Here's a snippet from my agent's latest email: 

At this rate, I might even have another update by the time I reach the end of this post, but as usual, am getting ahead of myself.


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(if you're not caught up) 

I woke up the next morning to my alarm indicating it was time to head to the valley for a trip with the Do Good Bus. 

What is the Do Good Bus you ask? 

Well, here is a video: 

The Do Good Bus has three objectives:

1) Create awareness 

2) Create community 

3) Inspire volunteers to keep at it 

My bf Steph had decided instead of throwing her birthday party at a bar or restaurant, she would instead invite 30 of her friends to go surprise volunteer-ing.  

Being the "joiner" that I am, I was game.

The lack of sleep, and dehydration aside, I arrived shortly after 10 am (bus departed at 10:30), and caught up with my friends. 

After greeting the birthday girl, I found my buddies Rachel and her beau as we started chatting.

Rachel is also in tech (she works for a big YouTube co) and is just generally an awesome human being.

After a  few minutes, I asked if we could talk about the elephant in the room? 

Sure, Rachel said. 

Why is no one filming this man dancing on his car? 

Everyone then looked over and laughed at this guy literally dancing on the roof of his like 1988 Mercedes Benz. 

His dancing resembled this gentleman: 

That guy was higher than Afroman at a Snoop concert. Not only did he dance like no one was watching (totally don't mind the bus full of people ACTUALLY watching), but he was hilariously entertaining. Top 5 moments since being back in LA. 

I felt like the dude from American Beauty thinking ... 

Anywho, we all had a good laugh as we boarded the bus ready to uh, "Do Good." 

We were then split into two groups and given masks to wear (handed out by the birthday girl). 

Mine was a drastic visual improvement from my current mug: 

I'm sexy and I know it. 

I'm sexy and I know it. 

About a half hour into the day, we were then informed that we would be volunteering down at the Skid Row Carnival (a once a year event). Having never heard of it, I was stoked to try something new. 

<tangent> Bee tee dubs, I am HUGELY HUGELY passionate about food ministry. Breaking bread with someone is powerful. I have been volunteering on the island for two different ministries (in addition to before I left LA volunteering at a home that unfortunately no longer offers their services). PLEASE FIND ME ON FACEBOOK IF YOU KNOW OF ANYWHERE I CAN VOLUNTEER IN LA. </tangent> 

We then hopped off the bus, signed a disclaimer, and got to work. It was INCREDIBLE the set up they had with clothing, food, music, feet washing station, hair salons. Not only was it a stellar turn out, but the volunteers were so helpful and passionate. 

Found on the Skid Row Carnival Facebook page. Am weirded out about taking photos at events like this, as I find it to be invasive of people's privacy. I had no right to take anyone's photo.&nbsp;

Found on the Skid Row Carnival Facebook page. Am weirded out about taking photos at events like this, as I find it to be invasive of people's privacy. I had no right to take anyone's photo. 

We all broke off at that point, and being the wanderer that I am, I honed in on el food-erino and asked how I could be of service. 

A woman then approached me asking if she could have a piece of cheesecake (which was being offered for dessert). 

I would be SO happy to serve you a piece of cheesecake, I said without skipping a beat, inviting her to rest. 

While I reached over to give her a piece, I was politely asked by one of the volunteers if it was allowed. 

I turned and said while I respect your wishes/ questioning, I am not going to refuse to feed someone who is hungry. They can fire me all they want, but cheesecake is a basic human need,  just ask the Golden Girls. 

I (of course) made the comment in jest, but they genuinely weren't going to stop me. 

She agreed, as we laughed and I sat down next to my new friend. 

She was joined by another gentleman at that time, so I got him some cheesecake too. 


We shot the shit as I asked what else I could do. 

Nothing they said. Thank you for the food. "I can't remember the last time I had cheesecake." 

Me either I said with a smile, and a you're the boss applesauce. 

A few volunteers then caught my attention with a catchy call to action. 

HECK YES! I thought, I need to get in some of that hugging action. I will take cheap thrills any way I can get them!! 

I set my eyes on the prize ... 

... and walked 100 feet into a familiar face. 

Remember the time with the mentalist during the first Eyes Wide Shut party? 

Well, that dude was 50% of the two dudes that I used to hang out with at literally every party. Three times a year for ... wow, 5? 6? I don't even remember how many years (fuck I'm old). 

(I started going to the mansion at 19, and was last there before I ghosted to the island. Some people discover their sexuality through college, mine was through a vetting session conducted by Hugh Hefner.) 

Actual costume one year&nbsp;

Actual costume one year 

<tangent> I did a shit ton of networking nearly naked, but oddly it felt like the most natural thing. Because the majority of chicks at the mansion were hot, guys wound up being WAY less creepy and super respectful. Also, because their tickets were so expensive they had to be "successful" to whatever degree, so hearing about their businesses (in a relaxed setting) always interested me. Being sober enough (capped off at two drinks every time) meant I could carry on an intelligent conversation. Caught guys off guard. Worked like a motherfucking charm! </tangent> 

I then RANNNN up to my buddy SHOCKED to see him. 

WTF are you doing here?!?! I shouted as I literally jumped into his arms. 

MINNIE!!!! He shouted (I was a repeat offender). 

To make it even weirder, I lingered a bit taking my "free hugging" mission very seriously. 

I jumped down saying this was the most FANTASTIC place to run into someone you know. 

How did you hear about us? he asked. 

I'm part of the Do Good Bus, and today this was our mission. 

INCREDIBLE, he said. His production company puts the event on, and has for the last few years. (All through word of mouth marketing.) 

Of course you do, I said. I had no idea where I was even going this morning, but now that I am here of COURSE I know one of the organizers. 

I continued, I love that you're a part of this. Am a HUGE fan of food ministry. 

Great, he said as we walked around a bit. 

How is your show coming along at CBS? First of all, that's HUGE that you're even where you are. You should be really proud of yourself. 

Thank you, I said. It's been such a strange experience. I preferred being on the island where I had no idea what was going on. Being here during pilot season has been SUPER stressful. I'm getting a crash course in what all this shit means. 

<tangent> My buddy is the COO and EP of Justin from Jane the Virgin's production company. They combine philanthropic ventures with entertainment (which is FUCKING AWESOME). 


The fact that you're back in LA, with the hustling you do? You're going to have a great career, Minnie. 

I have nothing to lose, I said laughing. I thought I walked away from everything grateful to finally get what I was truly after - love. Life happened to have other plans, but I never intended to be back here. I'm really glad I left. 

<tangent> I was at a "celebration of life" for my ex's father when I found out about it selling. (That was the time that I could add "light breaking and entering" to my non-existent resume as I had to break into his dad's house to get the address book so he could contact his aunt. Read more here

Then, the next week I got this ... 

Followed by this 24 hours later ... 

Being in such a state of shock (and genuinely needing to sit down to catch my breath) I then sent this ... 

The initial option took five revisions (including walking away) to close, and while my agents had a bottom line financially, my bottom line was wanting this one detail: 

Thanks to all their hard work, not only did we get it, but now I can leverage it. Big time. 

And the attorney that wrote the initial option for the studio? He asked me out on Hinge back in November (as he had left that specific studio and gone to another). 

He had no idea outside of "the dating" all of the things I executed with social and bartering. Which is neither here nor there, since Bruckheimer and WB own it now - but it did surprise me (as I thought that was more interesting). 

I was rambling at this point ... moving on. I'm bored.&nbsp;

I was rambling at this point ... moving on. I'm bored. 

He then sent a photo of the contract he wrote: 

We went out once, and messaged for a few weeks after, but people get busy around the holidays. Never suggest even remotely trying to date someone during Thanksgiving to New Years. 


My buddy and I hung out for a bit longer as we swapped numbers to grab dinner (now scheduled for next week). Hours later we boarded the bus, and while I had truly had one of the best days I could remember - I also recognized that I needed a break. I can't even remember the last time I had a true "vacation." Not knowing what that looked like or when I could take it- I settled on a "staycation" and with a quick Airbnb search discovered an airstream in Malibu (in the middle of a fucking mountain).

Good enough for me, I thought selecting the trip! I friggen LOVE camping! 

Actual photo&nbsp;

Actual photo 

Shortly after I arrived at the non-falsely advertised airstream in the mountains of Malibu, I grabbed Buster and snuggled up in the lawn chair gazing up at the stars.

I took a deep breath, happy to be staring at celestial entities and not celebrities. 

Sometime later, I noticed I had a text message (which was surprising that I had reception): 

FTR, I thought I was being hilarious and as it turns out he was hurt that I was so flippant. TOTALLY wasn't intentional. I REALLY WAS IN  MALIBU IN AN AIRSTREAM!! 

We hadn't dated, or spoken to each other in weeks (because he had to go on tour for his profession).  It was for his work!! Totally wasn't personal, totally didn't take it personally, but my comment he took to heart, and thus created a not so happy camper. 

I genuinely felt bad as I never EVER mean to hurt people. Responding however didn't seem appropriate either. There was no winning - just sheer uncomfortableness.

I genuinely felt bad as I never EVER mean to hurt people. Responding however didn't seem appropriate either. There was no winning - just sheer uncomfortableness.

Sometime before midnight, I retired to bed, and saw a Facebook notification from the guy who took my virginity. 

Read more about that on Talk Nerdy, but basically I finished high school at 16 and knew I was moving to NYC at 17. Not wanting to be a virgin living in NYC, I was not only proactive in my search for junior year prom date, but knew I had wanted to seal the deal to not have this burden over my head. 

This is what happens when you don't date in high school. You pick a REALLY hot guy up in a pool hall by asking him how to hold a stick. Then, you message him on AOL instant messenger and tell him your plan. 

Totally worked. 

We've only talked four or five times in the last decade, so I was genuinely surprised to hear from him. 

Which it's not an ordered show, but put pilot. Explaining this at this point was exhausting.&nbsp;

Which it's not an ordered show, but put pilot. Explaining this at this point was exhausting. 

Was asking about his friend that he was with that night. They both went to Xavier (a private school in CT).&nbsp;

Was asking about his friend that he was with that night. They both went to Xavier (a private school in CT). 

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 7.06.14 PM.png

Wow, totally forgot the part where we rented the room by the hour. You're a classy broad, Friel. 

Buster and I had a FANTASTIC weekend on our trip, but what I appreciated the most was the peace and quiet. I know you're theoretically supposed to have this work/ life balance - but this has been my dream since age 6.

Well, at first I wanted to be Kelly Kupowski (because obvi): 

But then as I got older I discovered this thing called "media" and wanted to be a part of that. Having grown up in tech though, computers were always my "fall back." THEN social media happened and I mean ... 


It's one thing to have the show sell or not, another to not know. The "not knowing" part is why I have been super stressed for the last now three weeks? more??  



Time stamp this post, if this does end up selling, I am going on the record to say (once again) THAT DRAMATIC CLICHES EXIST IN LIFE!!! 

Learned that (for the first time) when I grabbed a dress from my closet and talked my way through six checkpoints and not only onto the red carpet of the Grammys, but also within MINUTES have a visual of the person I was looking to meet. 

If it doesn't sell? Shit, it got this far and even when I was CONVINCED  it was done (based upon research since everything gets announced in the trades) - IT'S NOT STOPPING!! 

To "fail" is to not try. I've been told "no" 100 times in 100 different languages 100 different ways. I've been laughed at at conferences, told that my "little blog" was this that and the other (even that I am this that and the other, none of which anything is good enough to write home about).

At the end of the day, this WHOLE time I've had this FREAKISH unshakeable belief (and now true confidence) that I'll figure shit out. It never makes sense, I never know how or when it is going to happen, but it is going to tell ONE HELL of a great story. 

Will update when I have more.  Until next time ...