#PondOfPonderment: Conduit to creativity

I've been obsessively thinking (shocking) about this theory for the last couple of weeks. Cue music ... 

I am a very creative person. Life, to me, has a rhythm and creative surge that I dance to every day. Whether that is in writing, producing content for social, or even coming up with clever ways to increase traffic - it all feels the same to me.

Step 1: Identify goal

Step 2: Execute

(The creativity lies in between the two steps.)

In the last year, I have written far more for brands and personalities in social than even my own, and in doing so, it has changed my writing style. I can actually hear their voices in my head (or the imagined voice of the brand in my head), and I just visualize experiencing life through their eyes John Malkovich style.

(Is method writing a thing? If not it should be ...)

FYI, I never thought I would be proud of admitting that I hear voices in my head, but considering the product - I'm not complaining.

I used to say this during Talk Nerdy's inception, and still feverishly believe it - social media (and specifically twitter) is the manifestation of the laws of attraction. You are your thoughts (or tweets). Your life experience becomes a collection of your thoughts (your twitter feed), and lastly, people are attracted to your life based upon what you are thinking/ experiencing (followers, and any location based social media product)

Think about that for a second.


Continue ...

I read this quote on a meme, however long ago, that says "creativity is undetected plagiarism." I couldn't agree more!!

I was in the right place at the right time with Talk Nerdy (and I was young enough to have the energy required to go on such a long journey). It was a perfect storm of capabilities, and possessing basic digital knowledge.

I didn't invent a wheel, or even help it spin ... I merely took all of that water and energy adding walls, and digital boundaries around it.

Creativity isn't creating, it's applying perspective.

I am merely a conduit to the creative energy that is around us all every day. If you want to be successful at something, it's your job to perform nothing but your personal best, and (hopefully) connect the dots faster than others.

I asked a handful of my friends when I was in LA this past week what they thought about this idea. My director friend told me, Free-elle (how he pronounces my last name) - everything is perspective. I can say that I have the best view of the street, and you can argue you have the best view of the street. (We were sitting on a patio having margaritas at midnight.) He then took a picture from his side of the street, and sat next to me taking another photo. I looked at the images and saw something completely different on the screen than with my own two eyes. Do you understand now? He asked moving back to the other side of the table. For the record, you do have the better view, he said laughing as he sat down.

It's framing, and perspective, I repeated. The portrait has been painted, it's simply deciding what to highlight, where to create shadows, and when it is time to frame it.

Yes, he said.

I get it now, I said. Thank you.

Oh yeah and ...

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