#WTF: Drunken podcasting can be a thing, right?

My word is my honor. My friends will tell you that anything that I say, you can march that right into the bank. Alex and I have both had a crazy week, but much like anything else in the world - you learn to adjust and you put on your big boy and big girl pants to figure it out. (And also putting my producers hat on, I learned that you should have an extra non-time sensitive show in the wings.) We were both working until about 11 last night, and were unable to record the podcast until then. I had just closed a deal, and subsequently did a "Washington apple" shot to celebrate with one of the guys. I am not a shot person at all, at all, however this podcast is a result of said consumption.

I never noticed how polite I get when I am drunk. Everything is sir, and "oh goodness." Apparently, my drunken alter ego is 80 and from the south. This puts me somewhere in the geezer Ouiser stage ...

Either way, here ya go!

Happy Friday loverlies.

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