#RealDeal: Don't wish for it, work for it (Jen and Alex Make a Podcast)

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Want to directly listen to the podcast? Hit play.

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Hi friends, lovers, lunatics ...


I am in such a good mood today! Not only am I so pumped about this podcast finally (I say finally, but this idea came up mayyybbeee a couple of weeks ago?) launching, but I am KILLING it in my spin class. I came in 2nd place the other day on the #torqboard (Flywheel thing & not an easy task - they are pros here in Miami).

Life is definitely going "my way" but it's not a "blessing" it's called h.a.r.d. w.o.r.k.

I wasn't handed the community on Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover (or now the subsequent TV/ media deals, as it has been optioned by a studio and a household name producer). I didn't just hold up a sign for 5 minutes one day and magically get 75,000 uniques a month. I decided this was what I wanted to do with my life, and I am going to show up every day and deliver nothing short of my personal best. I slept in cars, couches, worked out of coffee shops, was (unintentionally) a raging asshole to friends and family (which looking back I am not proud of) because I was just so focused on this ONE THING and ONE THING only ...

Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover.

Every day I wanted one more unique, one more page view, and one more meeting with someone who knew someone who could help me execute whatever goal I was chasing.

Those tweets are now true.

I signed the contract for sale in August of 2014, and even WITHOUT publishing a single bit of content in a year - it still ranks (albeit low, but there) on the first page of a google search. Do you know how much "Talk nerdy to me" shit is out there now (another valuable lesson learned in trademarking things ... )?

If you want a successful web based anything, you have to one get creative, and two thank every reader, answer every tweet, every anything. Those set of eye balls gave you another unique! Provide interesting, and engaging content - BOOM - they'll come back. When I struggled in the beginning, I would walk around Hollywood and go into cell phone stores and set all the smartphones and (eventually iPads) to Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover. Just to get one extra hit and who knows maybe have someone look at it and think it was cool.

I had no business plan, no direction for the site (outside of a name that I thought was cute, and this mission that I had in my mind to unite the nerds using the hashtag #nerdsunite), and I had still to this day a really crappy website with way too many navigation buttons and no clear UI. Yet people STILL read it!!

It was a mess, (I was a mess), but I had the passion, drive, and creativity to do it. I spent YEARS throwing so much shit against a wall knowing in my heart of hearts that where there is a will, there is a way. (Learned that thanks to Pete Cashmore, and crashing the 2010 Grammy Awards.)

Things don't just "happen" to certain people. You are responsible for you. Even if you're not the "best of" anything (yet)- if you put your ideas out there (thanks to social media) people will help connect the dots for you. They'll add feedback saying, have you tried this? Or this is really great - do more. Whether it's a YouTube video, Instagram photo, or blog post, if you are creating and creating you will eventually get better and better and who knows where that could lead! The only way you can "fail" is if YOU NEVER TAKE THAT FIRST STEP!!!! There is no try only DO!!! Get off your ass and do the DO!!!

@AlexMPayne is a very dear friend of mine. I had no idea until the first podcast that we've actually been friends for 5 years now (we met on twitter), but he and I chat almost daily about some really random life experiences, and news. We're both pop culture and tech fiends, so it's one part informative, and one part, hey! this shit doesn't suck.

Alex: We should do a podcast.

Jen: The content is definitely funny, and hilariously random. I'm game. How do we do it.

Alex: ::types:: "how to start a podcast"

We bought the equipment on Amazon Prime Day, and without even having a name - we filmed the first show on Sunday night.

We have no idea what it will become, but for now, we don't care because we're just doing it. It's fun for us (and that love and passion translates).

There are a lot of ums, yeahs, echos, feedback, and lack of overall production - but show two is going to tape tonight, so hopefully we will learn (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment and or leave feedback!!! Sincerely. We need your help DESPERATELY!!!)

Bee tee dubs, I didn't even know we were recording for the first couple of minutes!!! I just liked it, so we kept it in.

If you jive with the content? Awesome! Thanks so much for listening. We're going to post shows every Wednesday and Friday.

If you don't like the content? Totally get it. How can we make it better? We're here to learn.

That's what life is about, man. Doing what you love, and for me I need to create, create, create, create.

I truly, truly hope you guys enjoy and lemme know if you have a cool idea or something you want to promote on the show! We're going to have guests on once we get rocking and rolling. Would love to hear from you! :)



There are 86,400 seconds in every day, and if you're struggling for some motivation - watch this:

Have I got your attention now?


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PS. Terrell Owens started following me on Insta. I'll see that good juju and raise you a "I don't know crap about football!"