#TextuallyActive: Get ... get yo’ creep on!

A couple weeks ago, my buddy “Nate” hit me up and said Jen! I have a project for you. Are you available? 

Yes, sir! I texted back. 

I can’t explain it to you over the phone. You’re too visual - we need to meet in person. Can I fly out to Miami to show you? 

Absolutely! I texted back. The sooner the better. 

(I’m a now, now, not now, but right now kind of person with things I’m passionate about. Knowing how well Nate and I work together, and the fact that he was so excited meant that I was going to be very, very excited.) 

He hopped on a plane, and Saturday we met up in South Beach. 

It had been two years since Nate and I saw one another (seeing that I pulled an irish goodbye on Lost Angeles).

He arrives at the Irish pub (still my go-to), and gives me a big hug. 

You look different Jen, he says sitting down. 

I feel like a completely different person, I admit. 

We then discussed some worky mcworkerson, and I laughed realizing I was ending up back where my “online career” started - livestreaming.

This time, less personality based, and more business. 

<tangent> I worked for a company called LiveVideo back in 2007. I was a personality on their site called “PhotoJeNic” (a nickname I got from my buddy Vega. WHATS UP VEGS!!!!). 

Ugh. This is what 22, no editing skills, and being “shameless” looks like. Self esteem aisle one - blue light special! 

Fuck it, Own it, Friel. 

I got paid $25 an hour to sit in my apartment and do these “shows” (which consisted of being on camera talking to users as they entered the chat. I could enable cam to cam convo if I wanted to, but most of it was just community building, and engagement). 

The whole idea for LV was to have kids on the street and run around and document the news, live events, whatever. Pre smart phones - we used an air card, USB cam, and a netbook to broadcast. Aircards at the time were spotty at best, but we made it work. I drove a convertible so I had velcro attached to my visor and livestreamed driving through LA (I am a horrible, horrible driver). To market the shows we were on the main page of LiveVideo.com, but also being hustlers, we all knew to garner our own web traffic via a “bulletin” on MySpace. My IRL friends were CONVINCED I worked in some form of web cam porn, but I didn’t care. 


The company folded in 2008, and it was that experience that led to Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover being launched. </tangent>

We then hit the beach and I got to play with the DJI Phantom 3 with a 4K camera. 

Considering how windy it was, I was SHOCKED at how stable the feed was. I’ve seen drones before (obvi) but had never played with them. We caused a bit of a scene. 

What you would love Jen, is called Lily, said Nate. 

What’s that? 

He then showed me this viddy vid vid: 

BADASS!!! I exclaimed. 

It comes out in February, he said, and only runs about $500. 

(Not bad considering the Phantom will run you about $1300. In simple terms, the Lily turns the table on the GoPro. Instead of needing a mount and only capturing your experience, the Lily tells the narrative of the WHOLE experience.) 

Very very cool, I said. 

We then met up at the Artwalk in Wynwood with our mutual friend Rachel. 

Rachel was my second friend in LA (first friend was through my dad’s college roommate). She was in a sorority, and since I didn’t go to college, I kind of got that “girl power” life experience hanging out with them in my late teens and early 20s. 


I hadn’t seen her in about 2 years either, so like two girls, we gabbed and gabbed about life, boys, and all things dating in Miami. 

What are you working on, Rachel asked Nate and I. 

Can’t talk about it, I said, but it involves livestreaming. 

She laughed remembering back to LiveVideo days. 

Jen, we were all convinced you did web cam porn. 

I smiled. 

She continued, but then one day I tuned in and saw you just sitting there in your kitchen talking to people. It was really weird. 

I know, I said. I LOVED IT!! 

Changing the conversation, I then asked, how is it dating in Miami? I’ve been out on a handful of dates, and they’re so surprised that you can carry on a conversation! 

She laughed, “I KNOW!!! I’ve never dated anywhere like here. It’s not easy.” 

She then told us a story about a time she was invited to a guy’s house (from Tinder). 

It was a first date, she said, and he gave me the address to his HOUSE! 

“Um, I didn’t expect you to invite me to your house on the first date?” she said sternly into the phone parked safely outside his property. 

“Oh, I thought you’d want to see my art before we went out?” he replied. 

What did you do?! I interjected ... clearly excited. 

I went into his house, and I saw his art collection. It was REALLY creepy, Jen. 

Are we talking Norman Bates, creepy? Or Cabbage Patch kids on crack, creepy? 


It was really really dark, and kinky. 

Ah, say no more. 

He then asked “how much for the night?”

I almost spit out my drink. 


Yeah, he said “the going rate was $300.”

“$300!!” Rachel said back to him. 

“Okay, $400, he said.” 

“WHAT!” she squealed. 

“Fine. $500.” 

What did you do, next? I asked. 

I left, she said. I wasn’t going to have that. Guys are such creeps. 

Speaking of creeps, I said, I asked this guy from Tinder to meet up with us later. He’s a retired rocket scientist, and from the midwest. I can’t imagine this being a bad thing at all. (And we had mutual friends in the nerdy world, obvi.)  

That’s a big passion of mine bee tee dubs. I love connecting good people with good people. Between an engineer, a singer, and a writer, I figured the rocket scientist would fit in well. We’re all passionate about what we do, yet hyper analytical. 

We then hit up Wynwood Kitchen, and met up with my date who reminded me of an IRL Brawny Man ... 

You had me at flannel & beard!!! 


Not surprisingly, we all had an AMAZING time, and after a few hours we decided to peace in the middle east.  

Nate pulled me aside as Brawny went to use the restroom ... 

He’s a really great guy, Jen. It’s good to see you with someone nice. 

Thank you! I said. It’s GREAT to have shaken off all the creepazoids, I admitted. 

It’s you, he said. You’ve changed a lot -you’re a lot more family oriented now. He continued, you know, it’s been proven that “you are the company you keep.” You did this, Jen. I’m really happy for you. 

Thanks Nate, I said giving him a big hug. 

We all parted our ways, and I came back home. 

All of the creep conversation clearly resonated in the universe with an APB of “come get her boys!” See below:  


That was the guy I wrote about on Talk Nerdy that had been showing his oral adoration since ... 2010? Easily. I got so pissed off after two years that I actually said FINE! Meet me (at such and such place), and we had drinks. (This was in 2012.) It was pathetic; I expected to be wowed after such persistence. I left feeling really, really bad for the guy. 

After 5 years, I finally had enough and blocked him. 


Your words are like actions in the universe. Want a creeper? Just start talking about ‘em!