#RealTalk: Dating in your 20′s vs. dating in your 30′s

I’ve decided to get a place in Miami for the summer. Work wise, I have a new trend based project that we are flash launching in the next couple of weeks (very, very excited), and kind of makes sense to not be on an island when this project is going to require a lot of moderation. 

On the personal side of things, I need a break from small town politics. I love my home, and I’ll be back to the island, but right now I need to be me again. 

It’s hard to just “shake off” a guy when your only single size options are his best friends. The expression in the Keys is, “you don’t lose your girlfriend, you lose your turn.” 

I am not a fucking “turn.” 


Either way, my parental units have a house with an in-law suite I’ve been staying in while I decide what part of town I want to move to. 

(That’s called being responsible, folks!) 

While I don’t agree with the term, “the only way to get over someone is to get under someone” - I do agree that you have to get back “out there” and meet people. 

I’ve been on Tinder, but instead of mindlessly dating (which is absolutely exhausting), I’ve been purposefully swiping with anyone I have mutual friends with. 

I had no idea I knew so many people in Miami! It’s great! 

I had a date last night, and this morning, my parents asked how it went. 

I explained certain details, and then told them that mostly we talked about our dogs. 

“Did you get to meet his dog?” asked my mom. 

“Mother, we went to dinner,” I said.

“Well, you were out late, I didn’t know if you went somewhere ... you know ... after.”

REALLY, MOM!?! SLEEPING WITH A GUY ON THE FIRST DATE? I do maintain a fairly descent level of class.  

We want grandkids! she said. I’ll take them where I can get them. 

(My brother and I are both single.) 

Oh how the roles have changed, I thought remembering the awkward parental conversations of teenage years and where the term “no glove no love” rang out freely. 

In my 20s, it was career career career. Build something. Boys second. 

Late 20s, relationships. 

Shouldn’t you get an award (that’s the millenial speaking) for being in your 30s and entirely unencumbered?



No baby daddy(ies) ... I have no psycho exes .... 


... and my parents haven’t had to pay for a wedding (that may or may not survived the ever changing taste of youth). 

I guess your award for being responsible with birth control (or access to Plan B) is the sweet sound of silence on days you can sleep in. 


I had a conversation with my friend about this the other week; your 20s are all about life experiences and making mistakes. By the time you hit 30, and meet that same popped collar Chad, you know to give him walking papers. It’s such a time saver not having to step in bullshit twice.

Here’s to a new decade, and breaking free! Cheers Betty.